Findings is an exhibition of 74 images of hand gloves gleaned from fence posts, footpaths and roads while riding my bike to and from work in the inner city of Melbourne over the last year.

Lost, discarded or left behind, the gloves speak of human ownership – remnants of routines and actions, and marked with creases, stains and deterioration – each with their own story to tell. 

Each drawing is rendered using a combination of charcoal, conte pastel, graphite, gouache and enamel on paper.

The exhibition runs until March 19, 2011 at Trocadero Artspace.


(Gloves series, 2010)

Lost Property is an ongoing series of drawings of articles, lost, discarded or left behind, which trace routine trajectories and map passages of time. This exhibition of drawings represent 18 of the 55 gloves found while riding my bike between home and work from June to October this year. The exhibition has been extended to December 31.


Pursuit appeared on Art Nation (ABC1 TV) in an interview with Virginia Trioli at the launch of the Melbourne Art Fair. Click on this link to view the footage:

Art Nation


PURSUIT is Australia's hottest new art gallery showcasing the nation's most collectable artists.

PURSUIT is a unique viewing experience, takes the hassle out of buying art and offers blue chip investments to discerning art collectors everywhere.Twenty-five original paintings, drawings, photographs and prints were sold in a stunning group exhibition called ART FLASH coinciding with the Melbourne Art Fair from 4 – 8 August 2010. PURSUIT has smashed Art Fair records, selling more artwork than any other gallery – making a significant contribution to the Fair's total sales of $12.1 million.


Colleen AHERN • Cath BARCAN • Paul BORG • Lane CORMICK • Irene CRUSCA • Kim DONALDSON • Sue DODD • David GLENISTER • Briele HANSEN • Bridget HILLEBRAND • Gina KALABISHIS • Louise LAVARACK • Brendan LEE • Jason MALING • John R NEESON • Annabel NOWLAN • Julie PATEY • Lisa RADFORD David RALPH • Naeem RANA • Phil ROUBIN • Nusra QURESHI • Irene WELLM • Peter BURKE & Natasha PREENJA 

Below: Peter Burke, PURSUIT Gallery Director, at the vernissage of the Melbourne Art Fair 2010. PURSUIT has the capacity to display 40 artworks and comes with its own lighting system and stockroom.

Peter Burke, Pursuit at the Melbourne Art Fair, 2010. Photo: Sue Hansen