Stamp. Press. Scrape. Pull. Stretch. Drag. Scratch. Tug. Oscillate. Roll. Unwind. Repeat.  What Goes Around Comes Around  is a never-ending installation in the making. Its continuous surface is both a palette and a canvas with only one side and only one edge. The inside becomes the outside and the front becomes the back. Visitors are invited to contribute to the live artwork as it expands and unravels over seven days. Not to be missed and never to be repeated.  The Biennale of Australian Art Mining Exchange Ballarat, Victoria, Australia 22-28 September 2018

Stamp. Press. Scrape. Pull. Stretch. Drag. Scratch. Tug. Oscillate. Roll. Unwind. Repeat. What Goes Around Comes Around is a never-ending installation in the making. Its continuous surface is both a palette and a canvas with only one side and only one edge. The inside becomes the outside and the front becomes the back. Visitors are invited to contribute to the live artwork as it expands and unravels over seven days. Not to be missed and never to be repeated.

The Biennale of Australian Art
Mining Exchange
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
22-28 September 2018

 Day 1 of What Goes Around Comes Around, a live painting in progress over five days this week at the Biennale of Australian Art in Ballarat, Victoria.

Day 1 of What Goes Around Comes Around, a live painting in progress over five days this week at the Biennale of Australian Art in Ballarat, Victoria.


An investigation in progress by BOO (Bureau for the Organisation of Origins) on Wadjemup (Rottnest Island, Western Australia), in collaboration with Ben Sheppard, December 2017.


Please join us to celebrate the launch of Unfinished – Search for the Miraculous, a group exhibition by Robert Mangion, Peter Burke, Denise Honan, Marcel Feillafe and Lauren Kennedy.

Unfinished – Search for the Miraculous draws from a subject critical to art practice: the question of when a work of art is finished. In this project, the unfinished is explored in cross-disciplinary ways, blurring the distinction between making and un-making, and extending the boundaries between beginnings and endings.

Opening night: Wed 20 Sept 6-9pm

Five Walls Projects
Level 1/119 Hopkins St, Footscray
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 12-5pm
Exhibition runs until Sat 7 Oct 2017


Coming soon! Air Cabinet in Bloemfontein, South Africa as part of the Vrystaat Arts Festival 2017.



on 2017-07-10 20:48 by [Your Name Here]

Take, give a breath at festival

Taking a breath is the first thing humans do at birth and the last thing they do before they die. On average, a person takes about 16 breaths per minute, 960 breaths per hour and 23 040 breaths a day.

It is so natural that we do not think much about this action that keeps us alive.

Peter Burke, an Australian artist, will bring Air Cabinet to the Vrystaat Arts Festival. This very unique Public Art Project (PAP) is a “community service” intended to generate discussion around the value of air.

Air Cabinet features a public stall where individual samples of the human breath will be collected in test tubes. The samples will form an archive dedicated to the breath and people may take a free breath sample home to give to someone special or to keep,” Peter explains. 

The project forms part of Peter’s ongoing exploration of how art can engage with people in public spaces and create lively and off-the-cuff discussions about the value we attribute to things.

He developed Air Cabinet especially for the Vrystaat Arts Festival and says he is keen to discover the different types of breath that can be found in Bloemfontein – deep breaths, shallow breaths, anxious breaths, morning breaths and fresh breaths. 

“I expect Air Cabinet will bring an unexpected smile to those who encounter it and people may be surprised to learn how reveiling their breath can be.”

Anyone can take part in Air Cabinet, but as the number of collected breaths are limited, Peter urges people to get in early so they do not miss out.

Air Cabinet will be at Hoffman Square from 18 to 20 July, from 09:30 to 16:00, as well as at the Kovsie campus near the vrynge (near the badominton hall) on 21 and 22 July.



TheBureau for theOrganisation ofOrigins (BOOexplores the national preoccupation with identity by examining Australia’s cultural self-evaluation leading up to, and ‘celebrated’ on, Australia Day.

ARTISTS | Rushdi Anwar, Peter Burke + Adele Varcoe, Linda Choi, Dale Collier, Peter Drew, Jaye Early, Megan Evans, Carly Fischer, Raafat Ishak + Tom Nicholson, Sean Lowry, Mayatili Marika, Wandjuk Marika OBE (c.1930–1987), Ramon Martinez-Mendoza, Performprint (Joel Gailer + Jenny Hall), Benjamin Sheppard, Nick Waddell, Elmedin Žunić

The ‘BOO’ is a collaborative and interdisciplinary visual arts project that converts the BLINDSIDE Artist run space into a working ‘bureau’ to comment on Australian identity on and around Australia day 2017. As a bureau, the project embodies the idea that the nation state essentially operates an administrative bureaucracy. The format supports the themes while providing a space to discuss and debate various issues regarding Australian identity as revealed through a range of artistic gestures and discursive events. The exhibition incorporates panel discussions, workshops and publications along with a range of carefully curated interdisciplinary art works. The ‘bureau’ context prompts dialogue around issues of heritage, place and belonging and the organisational systems that end up affecting everyday experience. 

The exhibition will be regularly activated by BOO artists and invited contributors during opening hours across the exhibition period. Benjamin Sheppard will be basing his drawing research in the Bureau for the entire exhibition period. Peter Burke + Adele Varcoe will be intermittently engaging with the gallery and surrounds and guest Artists will be invited to engage with the Bureau across the exhibition period. Elmedin Zunic will stage a performance of his Archaic Typewriter work at the opening on the 26thof January.

Artist/Curator | Benjamin Sheppard

Opening Night | Thursday 26 January, 6pm–8pm

Panel Discussion | Thursday 2 February, 6pm–8pm

Exhibition Dates | 26 January to 11 February 2017


Peter Burke: Please Love Me (Whaleburger Tokyo)

The Incinerator Art Gallery presents an exhibition of artworks with a strong focus on environmentalism and social activism, and looks to reinforce the idea that art can create deep and long lasting social change.




Have you ever found money in the street?

What did you do with it?

Find out how to make it a gift that keeps on giving.

Join us in a social experiment designed to morph your understanding of money and its real value in the world.

Take a risk. Question your assumptions about art and money.

Explore these ideas in the LOOSE CHANGE WORKSHOP, convened by artists Peter Burke and Louise Lavarack on Tuesday 18 October from 1pm to 3pm at Queen Victoria Market.

The workshop is free but places are limited to six people so book now via www.themechanicsinstitute.com

Workshop participants will meet at the Biennial Lab Hub, 145 Victoria Street, Melbourne before going on to the workshop location.

The LOOSE CHANGE WORKSHOP is part of Trade School, a project hosted by The Mechanics Institute for the Public Art Melbourne Biennial Lab, What Happens Now?, a City of Melbourne arts initiative.


The Spanish Embassy is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition:

RUNS FROM 17 NOV 2015 – 17 FEB 2016

(on the corner of William Street)

The suitcase is a symbol of every migrant, the beginning of the journey, the receptacle where each one of us puts what one considers most essential to bring when moving from one country to another. In a way you are what you put in your suitcase, your suitcase is a part of your identity that travels along with you. 

In this exhibition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain asked 15 of its Embassies around the world to work with artists from those countries or who were migrants in those countries. 

The artists were asked to use suitcases that fit into the luggage compartment of a low cost airline as exhibition space. Each suitcase was manipulated in whatever way the artist thought suitable and the full set of manipulated or ‘filled’ suitcases comes ready for public display in the gallery.

This is an object-based display in which the suitcase is a continuous element throughout the exhibition.

The first exhibition was first held in Madrid and it will then travel to each of the sixteen countries where the suitcases originated.

The briefcase work I have included in the show is made in collaboration with Mitra Ashtiani, BHR, Neda Daryabar, Alyana Eau, Eghbal, Sririhan Ganeshan, Dagmara Gieysztor, Khadija Haydari, Sakhidad Haydari, Zohreh Izadikia, Mehedi Jaghuri, Carmenza Jimenez, Mahelyeh Kalhour , Azizeh Kh., Honey Kh., Gyorgyi Marek, Samaneh Malekshahi, M. Mayhew, M.S., Noony, Minh Phan, Anthony Rodriguez and Maryam Sepasi.




The artists taking part in this exhibition are:

New York .us | Antonio Ortuño 

Montevideo .uy | Brian Mackern

London .uk | Carla Cruz

Santiago de chile .cl | Demian Schopf

Madrid .es | Gustavo Romano 

Auckland .nz | Paul Cullen 

Melbourne .au | Peter Burke

Munich .de | Rut Massó 

Oporto .pt | Rute Rosas 

Istambul .tr | Volkan Diyaroglu 

Paris .fr | Quique Ramírez 

México df .mx | Arcángel Constantini

Buenos Aires .ar | Ciro Múseres 

Stockholm .se | Isabel Löfgren 

Rome .it Luigi Pagliarini

São Paulo .br | Rafachel co.

Curated by Nilo Casares

http://comisario.net | Nilo Casares is a writer and art critic consultant

devoted to spreading and promotion of public and digital art.

Exhibtion continues until 17 February 2016.


The travelling exhibition Low Cost Diplomatic Bag reaches Melbourne on 17 December 2015 and will be presented at the Melbourne Immigration Museum.


TRASHLATION curated by the Basurama collective from Madrid opens this Tuesday 6 Oct at 6:30pm. Basurama research and reflect on consumption and disposal around the world. 

University Hall, Old Quadrangle, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3010. Runs from the 6th to 16th October 2015, 10am-5pm (closed during the weekend) 



Coming soon in 2015: A travelling exhibition curated by Nilo Casares (Madrid) consisting of artworks inside suitcases by artists from 16 countries including Mexico, Sweden, Chile, USA, France, Argentina and the UK.



Image: Peter Burke, Attaché Case (2015)

ABC News: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-06/art-project-gives-refugees-an-international-voice/6074834

Sydney Morning Herald: http://www.smh.com.au/act-news/canberra-life/low-cost-diplomatic-bag-arrives-at-spanish-embassy-20150206-137vxg.html

Art-Ex http://art-ex.es/30/


Want to wink at an artist, flirt with a dealer, cuddle a curator or date an art lover? We can help you find your perfect match* at the Melbourne Art Fair. This is how it works: we hook you up with a date**, you chat for 10 minutes, and the rest is up to you. No strings attached! Speak with one of our friendly Love Vendors while stocks last.

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The Melbourne Art Fair is pleased to announce Jacqueline Doughty as Curator of MAF Edge 2014, a new exhibition platform dedicated to experimental contemporary art practices.

Social Capital brings together performative and socially engaged artworks that blur the boundary between artist and audience. Characterising art as an interaction between people rather than between a viewer and an object, the exhibition includes a major commission in the MAF Edge space alongside projects dispersed throughout the Royal Exhibition Building, which draw audience members into unexpected encounters and activities. Social Capital includes new collaborative projects by a number of key practitioners of relational and participatory art, including Jess Olivieri with the Parachutes for Ladies; Lara Thoms and Jason Maling; Catherine Ryan and Amy Spiers; and Peter Burke and Adele Varcoe.





Artist-in-residence, Youkobo Artspace, Tokyo, May 2014

Open studio Loose footing
Saturday 24th May 12:00-19:00
Reception: 18:00


Peter Burke is a visual artist who uses marketing strategies and fictional characters combined with current concerns and conventions of art, especially those involving social interaction in public spaces. By these means he examines and questions the general condition of contemporary consumer society. During the residency at Youkobo Artpsace Peter Burke will create a series of performative actions in public spaces in Tokyo which will be documented with photography and video. The project extends his research around the role the street plays in the culture of a city and how marketing and interventions into the everyday, create social interactions.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

(image: Saeko Ehara)


Over the Barricade, 2014, Peter Burke & Louise Lavarack

Artworks and Exchanges Exhibition Program

Artworks and Exchanges explores the ‘social turn’ in contemporary art by showcasing new and re-presented community-engaged art works. This exhibition is part of the Spectres of Evaluation conference, presented by the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, University of Melbourne and Footscray Community Arts Centre. 

Spanning two sites connected by the Maribyrnong River – Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Incinerator Gallery - the program explores tensions that exist among representational practices of art (exhibition, object, performance, presentation) that address social engagement in both form and content (intervention, interruption, event, exchange). 


3 – 9 February 2014, The Incinerator Gallery, 180 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds

10 – 22 February 2014, Roslyn Smorgan Gallery, Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland Street, Footscray