It’s dirty out there, filthy in fact and who’s going to keep it clean?


A unique mobile cleaning and grooming service that reaches out to the great unwashed with a long mop and some latex gloves. Cleansing the crud and sanitising the soul live on the streets in a unique performative event that elevates the mundane and celebrates the beauty of a blemish. Peter Burke, Jason Maling and Torie Nimmervoll will be servicing the soiled heart of Melbourne in a 12 hour enduro-clean marathon from 7pm – 7am, on Sat 23rd Feb 2013 as part of the wonderland precinct of White Night.

They will be sterilising and decontaminating the tarnished and smeared, as well as rescuing plastic shopping bags from trees. Their White Night special service will also include personal grooming – loose nostril hair, broken flip-flops and bad language mouth rinses.

*stain removal not guaranteed after first wash